Press June 2016 – Week 3 – Self-Examination

Our Prayer focus for this week is Self-Examination!

Focus Scripture

Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:  And see if [there be any] wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. ~ Psalm 139:23-24

I spent a little time this past week examining myself. I wasn’t doing it because I knew we were coming up to the third week of PRESS. The entire exercise happened quite by accident or at least in my intention it did. God’s plan always prevails. I’m completing a Bible study (The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer) and one of the lessons is Bait Selection. What does the devil use to bait us? What is his strategy? I pressed in and studied this lesson, highlighted and made notes as I always do, but by the end I discovered something I had not always known. I am lazy. I won’t go into great details about what, but let me put a few words in your hearing…procrastination, lack of focus, and ___ and ____ and _____, all amount to a woman who lacks discipline. Satan has been walking up and down my life because of it. I shared my revelation with one of my closest friends of over 25 years over the phone and she laughed. She said, “You are one of the hardest working, multi-tasking, on fire to get stuff done for God people that I know.” And I shrugged and replied, “That’s because you don’t really know me.” I realized that I didn’t even know me. The only one who really knows me is God. And for the sake of everything that is holy, what I discovered last week…I NEEDED to know.

0e7cd0539f59700db99950c86d98e4b0I encourage you in Week 3 of PRESS to take the time to EXAMINE yourself. But don’t do it in a way that brings you down. Don’t pick yourself apart on the outside and do not pick at old scabs on your heart that open up wounds that weep self-esteem. Don’t run down a list of things you’ve done wrong. We’re good at that already. We’re good at letting Satan accuse us and remind us of our past. Do the kind of self-check that seeks to align your will with God’s will. Our God, never accuses. Ask Him to show you the bait the enemy uses to trip you up and seek to change it.

The Word says my people perish for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 6:8.) When we know better, we should do better, but first we have to know. Press this week through self-examination. This faith we have, this faith we walk in, is a faith that is active. It’s a faith worth living.

Be Blessed In His Grace,

Rhonda McKnight







3 thoughts on “Press June 2016 – Week 3 – Self-Examination

  1. There was a time when some things happened between my sister and I. The devil was using me big time. I had to go an apologize and then I a pilsner God to show me myself. I did not like what I found out. God began to reveal that even though I am humble, I was also self righteous and judgemental. I found out that some of my posts on Facebook weren’t helpful, but harmful. God had to sit me down and make me understand that everyone is on a pilsner different walk with Him at a totally different pace. He had to teach me that just because I don’t do something doesn’t make me any better than people who are struggling with that something and that there is always a reason behind why people do stuff. I’m so glad He took the time to discipline me. I want to win people to Christ and not push them away. In a sense I was pushing everybody to hell without showing them that God is a loving God. My Pastor always says, “We aren’t going to send you to hell, but we are going to love the hell out of you.”

  2. *and then I asked God to show (Idk what pilsner is. Autocorrect)

    *everyone is on a different walk. (Again my phone put in pilsner, maybe I should Google it)

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Tiara. I think we ALL have our season in the land of self-righteousness, no matter how long or short. I’ve been there and work daily not to go back. You’re correct in that we do not know the reasons people do things. We need to love them and pray for them and know that the same grace God is extending to us, He extends to them.

    I don’t know about pilsner. LOL. I’m looking it up too.

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