Week 2 of PRESS – Stand

It’s said that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. It’s day 6 for PRESS. I hope you’re hanging in here with me, but more importantly, that if you’re still with us, you’re feeling good about the commitment to this prayer challenge. Last week was a short week and our theme was consistency. […]

PRESS 2016 Portable Prayer Cards

In recent years, I’ve become a collector of Bibles. Not fancy or antique Bibles, just different translations for cross study. I’ve had an NIV Study Bible that’s been my main Bible for more than twenty years. Recently, I went back to my older King James Bible and found a group of index cards tucked in […]

We Are Pressing!

Can I be honest for a moment? I’m thinking the answer is yes, so I’m going to go ahead and confess something. I need PRESS just as much as you. There… my secret is out. I may be leading this effort, but I am truly your sister in the trenches. I am gaining and growing […]

Press June 2016 – Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we begin Press June 2016! I am excited about all that God is going to do during this month to Pray, Renew, Examine, Study, and Stand on God’s word. We will pray boldly and consistently for one month. You may pray at anytime during the day that works best for your schedule. Begin with […]

PRESS JUNE 2016 – Prayer Template

Daily and intentional time with God!  That’s what every Christian should want. We all have the potential to improve our relationship with Jesus Christ. Press June 2016 is an opportunity to do that. Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. We can pray anywhere and anytime, in fact the scripture encourages us to pray […]

Me and My Big Mouth – Reading Schedule

I am so excited that you want to join in on the discussion/study of Joyce Meyer’s book Me and My Big Mouth for Press June 2016! Each week we will read three chapters and share our thoughts about it in the Facebook Group or here on the blog on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. until 9 […]

PRESS June 2016

Pray – Renew – Examine – Study – Stand  What is PRESS! Press is 30 Days of collective prayer. Each week we’ll post a specific topic or theme that we’ll lift up in prayer as a group. We’ll include scriptures that you can apply when praying for yourself and for others regarding each topic. You’ll […]

National Day of Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer. I hope that you had time to join other believers all over the national in praying for the United States, our families, and the world. I called a prayer tonight because in addition to praying for our nation, I wanted to take advantage of the atmosphere of prayer […]


Our mission is to encourage women of God to live their lives to the fullest through intentional faith development. We desire to grow in God (together) by practicing the following habits: Fellowship in local churches and through our online groups and social media sites. Restorative time with God through prayer and thoughtful reading of resources […]