Our mission is to encourage women of God to live their lives to the fullest through intentional faith development.

We desire to grow in God (together) by practicing the following habits:

  • Fellowship in local churches and through our online groups and social media sites.
  • Restorative time with God through prayer and thoughtful reading of resources that inspire, encourage, and promote learning.
  • Reflective time with God, through Bible Study and journaling our personal learnings and truths.
  • Operating in an inclusive spirit that welcomes diversity of person and thought.
  • Operating in character, regardless of what the world is doing around us.
  • Do our best to honor our God given roles.
  • Share our faith as often as possible with a heart that is open to learning from others.

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Introducing one of our personal ministry helps…

Imagine what your perspective would be like if you took time every day to look for the grace God has extended to you and took the time to pray about it. 

Simply Thankful_Front1

You are grateful! And God is generous with His grace. Taking the time to reflect on the combination of grace and a gratitude could open the door for peace and abundant blessings. A keepsake journal to record life’s blessings and your personal prayerful reflections.


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