For My Daughter

I am the mother of sons, so I obviously don’t have a daughter. However, if I did, I would want this journal!!!

Oh my, it’s beautiful and smart and such a gift to your child. Every mother should complete this journal for their daughter.

I posed a question to the author, Tia McCollors about why she put For My Daughter.

You recently released a journal called For My Daughter. Why did you decide to publish this?
I published For My Daughter because my eight-year-old daughter is full of questions. And the older she gets, the more questions she has. I’ve always thought about a way that I can capture some of my life moments for her to cherish. What are the things I enjoyed in elementary school? What are my cherished moments with my siblings? What were my summers like growing up? What’s my biggest regret? What are ten things that every woman should do? What to look for in a friend? What to look for in a husband? How do I make tough decisions? This is just a glimpse of the things you can share with your daughter by recording your life, love and wisdom in this journal. I’d hope that my daughter would come to me with her biggest dreams and her biggest fears. But even if she doesn’t, she can seek my advice in the pages of this journal.


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